CDQ Alpha 3

Download here.

  • Dungeons are randomized now, consisting of prebuilt modules
  • Cut the scope further: Removed currency, merchants, town, quests,waypoints
  • The player has only the current level to navigate now without town portals or waypoints and stairs do not lead back up
  • Limited number of deaths
  • Changed resolution from 48×48 to 16×16 scaled x3 (So I can use a nice tileset and its less work when I find an artist to paint over everything)
  • Updated lightning system (Unexplored areas completely black and explored areas have a little ambient light)

Performant Real-Time Pathfinding and Cooperation Thesis

This is a thesis I did for the university about the AI of the game agents of Cyber Dungeon Quest.
Including clojure code snippets and there is also a chapter about the movement and entity-component architecture.

Download here


This thesis presents a new method for pathfinding and cooperation in an existing realtime
action video game. Multiple agents need to navigate around obstacles and avoid blocking
each other at the same time.
The method is a modified Potential-Field algorithm which, in order to avoid local optimas,
flows into all directions and saves the distance at every step like a breadth-first-search. It
is called the Wavefront-Expansion algorithm. Agents then look at their adjacent cells and
move the other way round until they reach the center of the field.
Cooperation is achieved by marking cells as occupied and avoiding cells that are occupied
by other agents.