Cyber Dungeon Quest

A fast-paced sci-fi action RPG written in clojure.The goal for me is to create an interesting combat where the player has to adapt to the specific situations.
Requires java and an opengl-able graphics card. Have fun!

Download “Cyber Dungeon Quest Alpha 3 JAR” cyberdungeonquest_alpha3.jar – Downloaded 726 times – 14 MB

Known bugs:

  • When the player is revived and the current level start position is blocked by a monster the game crashes.

10 thoughts on “Cyber Dungeon Quest

  1. Game was quite addicting, I also played it all the way through.
    But the controls are a bit awkward. You should think about making wasd the standard keys for movement and make left-click actions work even if an enemy is not targeted, just like right click. I don’t see the point of moving via clicking with the mouse, that just complicates the controls.
    If you move the standard movement to wasd the q, e and number keys will also be much easier to reach using your left hand.

    • Hey Markus
      Thanks for the feedback. I also thought about making controls simpler …

      But I dont understand why the number keys are hard to reach for you.
      The game is intended to use your right hand for the mouse and left hand for numbers&QWE for belt-hotkeys.

  2. some things to say:
    first of all, a great game! i´m just learning java, and therefore know whats behind programming such a game!
    but i still got some problems:
    -i can´t load a charakter, i always have to start again
    -you give leftmouse and rightmouse to place skills or weapons on, but leftmouse is already used to move…? am i getting this wrong?
    please answer this comment


    • Hi …
      loading doesnt work thats weird… should work …
      leftmouse works for attacking too if you have an opponent on mouseover!

  3. Hey Michael,
    das hast du also alles mit Java gemacht? Wow!
    Ich komme ja von deiner anderen Webseite (Html ist eher nicht so deine Stärke, aber mit wordpress gehts ja ;) )
    Ich folge jetzt deinen Tipps und kaufe mir das “Java ist auch eine Insel” Buch.
    Dann komm ich bestimmt aufs MIT B)

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